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We've compiled information for your children about fire safety, smoke detectors, fire trucks and camping safety and have fun while doing it. Please visit these links and share with your children.  There are games, pictures and lots of fun activities to help learn about fire safety.

Fire Prevention Week Activities

Sparky's Fire Page

Smokey's Outpost - Preventing Wildfires

New York City Fire Department Coloring Book

Firefighters are My Friends Coloring Book

Kids Fire Safety Tips

FEMA for Kids

North East Search and Rescue Kids Page

United States Fire Admin. Kids Page

Sparky's Safety in the Kitchen Video


"The fire safety tips presented here are a compilation of the fire safety topics from a number of sources including the NFPA and USFA The NFPA and USFA are leading agencies in the United States regarding fire safety. We encourage our neighbors to visit these sites to gain more fire safety knowledge. Please also check out, which has additional fire safety tips and product recall information.

Note: For additional information regarding fire safety and prevention please see our Prevention/Safety page.


"Stop, Drop and Roll" is the basic procedure used to extinguish clothing fires.

Stop running - moving around fans the flames and makes them burn faster.

Drop to the ground - this makes it harder for the flames to spread.

Roll around - move from one side to the other to smother the flames.